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Meet Cheryl

Fellow Creative and  Successful Business Owner

I have always been creative and an entrepreneur.  I cannot think of a time in my life that I didn't want to own my own business.   Throughout my life I have always incorporated art into every business I had or worked flows through my inner soul.  The most successful business I owned is a mobile paint and sip company that I started with a $300 paycheck.  It then grew from a local only business to national and at one time over 52 people teaching all over the US.  When I sold it in 2019, I knew eventually I would work for myself again one day.  

I have two businesses that I now run and LOVE it! I continue to train, investigate and absorb all information I can to be successful and help others.

After nudging from a few wonderful people in the industry that I have been helping- Creative Connection Consulting was born.  I cannot wait to empower YOU to be the best business owner you can be.  My knowledge from extensive experience, research as well as trial and error is your gain!

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