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Where business and art meet

Creative Business Consulting and Coaching with Cheryl Tocci

As a creative business consultant and coach, I bring clarity, confidence and a solid plan to your business, so you can build your business slowly but steadily, and know exactly what steps to take to be empowered and successful.

I can assist you with various aspects of your business to help you automate, delegate and move your creative business forward. I provide Bookkeeping Services, Business Coaching, Business Consulting ad more.

Book your FREE consultation today and let's see how I can help YOU!

Meet Cheryl

Fellow Creative and  Successful Business Owner

I am a fellow creative that has had the opportunity to have lots of business, marketing and motivation experience.  I have always loved empowering others to find "their path" and be the most successful person they can be.

I have been bookkeeping, online marketing and more for various companies and people over the past 30 years.  Additionally, I have owned several businesses in the creative and administrative industries with the most successful being a national paint and sip company that I sold in 2019. I was honored to be a guest speaker at a monthly luncheon for college women taking the entrepreneur path (one of my favorite things I have done). Lastly, preparing and auditioning for Shark Tank (I made it 4 rounds- to right before going on TV...what an AMAZING experience)

After much persuasion from a few in the creative industry I have decided to officially start Creative Connection Consulting.  My successes, training, experience, errors and lessons learned are your gain!

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What I Specialize In

Website Analysis and Updating

Goal Setting and Planning

Connection with other Industry Professionals


The Journey Towards Success Begins on the Path of Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

I'd be quite lost without Cheryl. Her expertise with website set up, Shopify and social media -combined with her knowledge of business practices have been invaluable. Highly recommend - whether you're a new entrepreneur or seasoned business owner!

- Tracy S - The Painting Lady Inc

Cheryl is one of those gifted individuals who's able to access both sides of her brain. Her analytical side is fabulous with the techy aspect of the business and explaining the steps needed to get from a-z. Her creative side thinks outside the box to create strategies that work for each individual. I'd highly recommend working with Cheryl for so many reasons. You'll become more confident, and successful, and know you've got a mentor and friend in your corner no matter what!

- Kelly K- Whimsykel and Eye Love Hue Paints

Cheryl is not only incredibly talented but she is just an absolute genius of the industry. She has helped lead me in my own journey to expand my business in ways I did not know were possible. She continues to surprise me and lead me into new ways to create revenue for my painting business. I am incredibly lucky to have her insight, I highly recommend Cheryl if you are struggling with your next step!

- Jill H- The UnTamed Brush

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