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Why Creative Connection Consulting LLC

My name is Cheryl Tocci of Creative Connection Consulting LLC


I motivate business owners to transform their business by mindfulness & sharing wisdom for self and professional development.


At Creative Connection Consulting LLC, we understand the challenges businesses face. From navigating uncertainty to overcoming obstacles, we're here to address the pain points that hinder growth. Our unique approach combines mindfulness and shared wisdom to provide solutions for both personal and business development. Say goodbye to roadblocks and hello to a transformative journey where challenges become opportunities. Join us as we guide you through a path of resilience, insight, and success.


Why Choose Creative Connection Consulting LLC?

With a proven track record, we bring dedication, attention to detail, and financial acumen to the table.

✨ Tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs.

✨ Seamless collaboration with your team for financial success.

✨ Precise end-of-year reporting for a clear financial picture.

✨ Enhance efficiency with our proficiency in Excel and Word.


Let's Discuss Your Financial Goals! Reach Out Today for a Consultation. At Creative Connection Consulting LLC, we're passionate about your success. Empower your business with our comprehensive bookkeeping services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can contribute to your financial prosperity!

The Journey Towards Success Begins on the Path of Awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

Best investment I've made. She is very patient and willing to explain things. She was willing to walk me through how to operate the website, and she was able to conceptualize what I was trying to say. She was able to take my vision and give me solid foundation. HIGHLY recommend

- Brittany S.

Cheryl is one of those gifted individuals who's able to access both sides of her brain. Her analytical side is fabulous with the techy aspect of the business and explaining the steps needed to get from a-z. Her creative side thinks outside the box to create strategies that work for each individual. I'd highly recommend working with Cheryl for so many reasons. You'll become more confident, and successful, and know you've got a mentor and friend in your corner no matter what!

- Kelly K- Whimsykel and Eye Love Hue Paints

Cheryl is not only incredibly talented but she is just an absolute genius of the industry. She has helped lead me in my own journey to expand my business in ways I did not know were possible. She continues to surprise me and lead me into new ways to create revenue for my painting business. I am incredibly lucky to have her insight, I highly recommend Cheryl if you are struggling with your next step!

- Jill H- The UnTamed Brush

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